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    Former Entrepreneur and Executive Director with 2 major Automotive Groups | Consultant since 2012.

    Over thirty years of Management, Strategy and Business Development in International Environments.


    Executive Advisory, Corporate Strategy, Corporate & Business Development, Growth Plans, International Operations, Disruption and Disruptive Strategies, LowCost Operations, Governance Organization. Networking Mentor and Conferencer.


    Automotive Insighter.

  • Practices & INDUSTRIES

    Strategic Advisory

    Business Strategy


    Biz Development Internationalization

    Profitable Growth




    Operational Audits

    Improvement Plans

    SPIDER© Method



    Change Management

    Cleantechs Environment Renewables


    Business Consulting

    Business Strategy, New Business Models, Disruption Strategy, Operational Audits, Business Development and Market openings, Automotive M&A's ....


    To know more about our Consulting activities :


    Performance & Business Coaching

    Business Performance, Growth Performance Improvements, KPIs, Operational Audits, Effectuation and Change Management, ...


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    Disruption 2.0 : Darwin's visionary thoughts.

    A recent Post on LinkedIn : "Darwin 2.0 and Disruption"


    Video on YouTube :

    Disruptive Conference ... on Disruption


    International Conferences

    TV interview

    "Automotive France" Group on Linkedin

    Join the only Group on Linkedin who gather over 1.000 Automotive specialists and professionnals, connected to the french Industry.

    Interested ? Just have a look, ... and connect to/with us !


    Automobile & Phygitalization

    One of my latest Post on LinkedIn : Automobile & Phygital.


    Governance and Board Memberships

    Governance Organization, Governance Audits, Boards Memberships as Independent Board Member ...

    Company Private Conferences

    Future Insights 2016, Disruption in/and your Industry, Governance, Networking for the future, ...

    Automotive Dealers Awards

    Customer Satisfaction Trophies / GarageScore Dealer's Awards

    Paris / Feb. 2018

    Education and Mentoring

    Teacher with several Business Schools, and Mentor for EDHEC Alumnis.

    Board Member EDHEC Alumnis Association (over 40.000 Members in 129 Countries).


    Business Development

    For a Distribution Group.

    For different Industrial Companies.

    For several Services Companies.

    For a Consulting Company.

    Disruption Strategy

    For many different Companies & Organizations,


    - in Depth Analysis of Disruption Risks,

    - Coworking on succesful Disruptive Strategies.

    Strategic Advisory

    For a leading Organization, new Strategy Thinking and Building, Implementation support and Change Management.


    Strategic Plans for several Companies.

    M&A strategic Advisory and support.

    Industrial Business Development


    EMEA B2B Partners Search.

    EMEA Networking Mission.

    Operational Performance

    For some Groups : SPIDER(c) method, Operational Audit and Strategic Recommandations, Performance Plan, KPI's, implementation support.

    Several Automotive Dealerships done.

    Governance & Organization

    Governance Auditing and new Governance Organization for several mid-size Companies.

    Shadow ExCom setting-up. Some Intermediations/conciliations held.

    Growth Operations

    For some French SME's, Growth Operations Support and Profitability Recovery Tools Implementation ( KPI's, Reporting, ...).


    Growth Strategy for a major Company.

    Complex Market Entry

    In Cuba, for major European Groups.

    In Iran, for a German SME / KMU.

    EU Markets Entries.

    PMO & Funding




    Project PMO & Fundraising for a 130M€ Environmental Greenfield Project in Africa.

  • Future of automotive distribution

    Expectations, orientations and evolutions of automotive distribution.

  • partner networks

    I'm an independent Consultant, Member or Partner of these very professional Networks and Teams all across the World.

    To better serve You, we team-up accordingly to your Missions requirements, in order to deliver You the best Consulting services, with a high level of efficiency.



    Senior Partner

    motormindz is a US based global automotive professional services and technology accelerator that combines unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities across all facets of the automotive manufacturing and sales chain.


    motormindz collaborates with solution partners and clients to develop and integrate disruptive, leading-edge solutions and technologies aimed at solving crucial challenges for automotive manufacturers, suppliers, importers and dealers.



    OPTEAMUM Associates

    Executive Advisor and EVP France

    OPTEAMUM ASSOCIATES is a strong growing network of #50 seasoned C-Levels Execs around the world. Our skills combine efficiency, international experience and deal facilitations.


    With solid references across the Americas, Asia and EMEA, we are the specialists of SIMPLEXITY© to ensure your Success and to grow your Business. Using a unique PMO Tool, our Associates provide a huge international background and connections to key decisions Makers, and we represent a strong asset to sustain your international development.



    Big Success Group / LowCost Group

    Member of the Experts Comitee & Senior Advisor

    BIG SUCCESS is an agency which proposes any Brand in search of efficiency to build her success at a lower cost. The agency leans on principles " an ad is made to sell " and convictions (the power of the TV and the complementarity with the digital) inherited from 13 years of experience.

    The agency builds the success of his customers, resting on internal expertises (strategy + creation + media + digital), measurement tools for efficiency and partnerships with expert entrepreneurs in the domains where the agency does not intervene. The agency built “all inclusive packs” and operational solutions to help Managers to gain in efficiency.


    www.bigsuccess.fr - www.tvlowcost.fr

    enjoy our motormindz video





    Accelerating what's next !

    motormindz with rythm ...







    ICDP Automotive

    Senior Advisor since September 2013.

    Former Chairman and Board Member (2014-2017)

    ICDP means INTERNATIONAL CAR DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM. ICDP provide the best Insights about Car Distribution in the Automotive World.


    ICDP is a non Profit UK-based organization.

    It is both a unique Think-Tank, a dedicated Automotive Research Center, a Data Producer and a great Car-Industry Networking support. All this made by a highly skilled Team.






    APIA is an independent Association of skilled, experienced and trustable Executives who provide an accurate and operational Governance Expertise as well as Board skills and capacities.


    With a strict and efficient coaching and preparation, each of our Members might candidate to any suitable Board, as an independent Professional Board Member.



  • "It is neither the strongest

    nor the most intelligent that survive,

    but the most adaptable."


    Charles R. DARWIN

  • About ME

    Thirty years of Management and Business Development in International Environments.

    Entrepreneur | Executive Director with 2 major Automotive Groups | Consultant since 2012.

    Executive Advisory, Corporate & Business Development, Corporate Strategy, Disruption Strategy.

    I'm French, based in Paris, and have worked internationally during 25 years, used to live for 9 years in 3 different foreign Countries (Germany, Switzerland and Spain). I speak fluently German and English.


    I specialize in Executive Advisory, Corporate & Business Development, International Operations, Governance & Corporate Strategy, alternative Business Models and Disruption Strategy. I also created and developped a very strict and efficient operational Growth Audit method and Program, with proven fast Growth results.


    After graduating (Master) from EDHEC Business School, and enjoying one year with the French Air Force and some months with UTA Airlines, I first entered PSA PEUGEOT Group in 1980 where I developed a strong experience through valuable positions both in France and internationally, either operationally or at the HQ level. All operational positions were in Sales and Marketing, while HQ positions were Strategy and CRM.

    After 28 years, I began a new Entrepreneur life, when I founded and set up Garonne EcoSystemes in 2008 in Toulouse. We were a provider of Environmental Products & Services, including installation for individal's houses in SW-France. Our range of activities included water saving & treatment, solar energy and wind energy. Positionning was high quality, installations efficiency and high Customer satisfaction, with over 250 Customers.

    In 2010, I was called at VOLKSWAGEN Group’s Spanish Brand SEAT in Barcelona, to take over the Export activities as Export Director. Steering over 70 Countries and having the P&L responsibility of these markets, I managed to ensure a 2 digits growth rate, and opened several Markets, among them China as well as some in Africa and the Middle-East.


    Since September 2012, I’m an independent Consultant, Associate Member with different Networks.

    These highly professional Teams all around the World team-up accordingly with me to ensure with success my Clients's Missions Requirements.


    Committed through different Involvements to Education (EDHEC Board, Mentoring, Teaching …), I’m also trying to help new Eco-Socio Landscapes and Eco-friendly Business Projects to emerge, in both Europe and Africa. Proven and seasoned Start-Ups facilitator, with self developped method.



    Board positions : Board Member and (Non Executive) Chairman of ICDP (2014-2017), Board Member of EDHEC Alumnis Association.

    Education : EDHEC Business School (Master in Mngt, 1980), HEC Management (Master BA-CRC, 1999), EMLyon (MOOC Effectuation, 2015)

    I also used to be a Foreign Trade Counselor for the French Government (1999-2006), what earned me a Medal of Merit in 2002.


    Read Business Testimonials on 80+ Recommendations on my LinkedIn Profile.